Media Coverage in 2016 

Media Coverage in 2015 

Media Coverage in 2014

16 Famous Indians with Disabilities who inspire us everyday. The Better India. 3 Dec '14

Day of disabled: Medical courses must focus on their rights. Times of India. 3 Dec '14

Crippled system can't absorb special people. Times of India. 3 Dec '14

Observing Polio Day on the wrong day? The Hindu. 29 Oct 2014

UPSC asked to withdraw proforma which demands photographs showing disability from applicants. CNN IBN. 14 Oct 14

जांच के नाम पर जबरन कृतिम पैर उतरवाया | हिंदुस्तान 8 अक्टूबर 2014 

UPSC directed to withdraw its 'discriminatory proforma'. The Hindu. 7 Oct 2014

India Civil Aviation misses court of CCPD notice deadline on frisking. Reduced Mobility. 3 Oct 14

MCI pulled up for failing in its social responsibility. The Hindu. 17 Sept 2014

Given broken wheelchairs at two Metro stations, says commuter. Indian Express. 16 Sept '14

DGCA given 30 days to prove disabled not harassed. Times of India. 15 Sept '14

No policy to rescue disabled during emergency. Times of India. 8 Sept '14

BITS Pilani holds 3rd edition of Junoon. Indian Express. 7 Sept '14

Top Govt websites are not disabled-friendly. Times of India. 26 Aug '14

EC warned to make website differently-abled friendly. The Hindu. 18 Aug 2014

Medical colleges flout disabled-friendly rules. Times of India. 30 July '14

A metro ride turns into a nightmare. The Hindu. 29 July 2014

UCMS faculty also pitches in. The Hindu. 27 June 2014

Delhi's railway stations test elderly,disabled. Times of India. 14 May '14

Disabled told to walk at film awards. Times of India. 4 May '14

Less last-mile pain for disabled, but some not so lucky. Times of India. 11 Apr '14

Lok Sabha Polls: Spirited disabled voters throng well-equipped poll booths. IBN Live. 10 Apr 2014

BCAS plans imaging technology at airports. Deccan Chronicle. 8 April 2014

NPRD members meet Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. The India Post. 8 April 2014

Airport security riles differently abled. Deccan Chronicle. 7 April 2014

Why an exemption? The Hindu. 5 April 2014

For PwD's, elections continue to be one giant nightmare. Yahoo India News. 27 Mar

Journal on docs, patients fascinating moments soon. The Statesman. 27 Mar 2014, page 2.

Voters with disability can register online. Times of India. 27 Mar 2014

Voting to be made easier for disabled. Times of India. 13 Mar 2014

Call for inclusive elections. The Hindu. 20 Mar 2014

पोलियो से लड़ते बनाई सफलता की राह. Navbharat Times. 19 Mar 2014

Election offices lack complete data on disabled voters. Deccan Herald. 14 Mar 2014

Airlines can't refuse to fly differently-abled. DGCA. Times of India. 13 Mar 2014

Most polling booths not disabled-friendly. The Statesman. 13 Mar 2014

SC order on disabled voters not implemented. Times of India. 12 Mar 2014

Arjuna awardee unhappy with govt. hospital treatment. The Hindu. 3 Mar 2014

Harassed at Hyderabad airport, says disability activist. The Hindu. 26 Feb 2014

Differently-abled DU professor harassed at Hyderabad airport. The Hans India. 25 Feb 2014

DU Professor with disability harassed at Hyderabad airport. Times of India. 25 Feb 2014

Polls near, but no data of voters with disabilities. Times of India. 27 Jan 2014

 विकलांगों के लिए गंभीर नहीं चुनाव आयोग. Punjab Kesari. and Navodya Times, 26 Jan 2014

विकलांग मतदाताओ का डेटा ही नहीं मिला. Hari Bhoomi. 29 Jan 2014

Media Coverage in 2013 

Raw deal for physically challenged votersThe Statesman. 5 Dec 2013. Page 2
Time to pitch for a level playing field. Deccan Herald3 Dec 2013
Viklang abhyarthiyo ko ho rahi dikkatein. Rashtriya Ujala. 28 Nov 2013
UPSC flouts govt's job criteria for disabledThe Times of India. 16 Nov 2013
Polio survivor's fight to correct date of Salk's b'day. The Statesman. 23 Oct 2013. p5, Delhi edn.
They innovate to e-nable. The Times of India. 12 Aug 2013
Disability awards presented. Business Standard. 14 Aug 2013
AIIMS plans access to disabled, others silent. The Times of India. 12 Aug 2013
No access to post offices tooThe Hindu. 6 Aug 2013.
From accessibility to inclusivity. Packaging South Asia. July 2013
'Communication gap hits' disabled students. The Statesman. 29 July 2013
Every step is a struggleDeccan Herald22 June 2013.
Capital's post offices challenge for disabledThe Times of India. 19 June 2013
Make disability a human rights issue. Deccan Herald16 June 2013. Page 3.
Disabled medicos face hurdles. Deccan Herald. 10 June 2013. Page 4.
Demand for barrier-free buildings. The Times of India. 26 Feb 2013
Man of Infinite Ability. Heart of Gold. The Times of India.

An Inveterate Soldier. Different Strokes by VS Sunder. March 2013

Media Coverage in 2012 

Media Coverage in 2011 

M.S.J.E. doesn’t consider disabled doctors fit for teaching jobs. Disability News and Information Service. 1 Mar 2011

Survivor's Story: Dr Satendra Singh's journey [World Polio Day Special]. Times Internet Limited. 24 Oct 2011

Success story of Dr Satendra Singh. Cross the Hurdles. 2011

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