The mandate to Equal Opportunity Cell, UCMS, excerpted from the recommendations of UGC HEPSN Scheme (during eleventh plan period), defines five tasks:

 1. To provide equal educational opportunities to persons with disabilities in this medical institution.

2. To create awareness among the functionaries of medical education about the specific educational needs of persons with disabilities.

3. To equip UCMS with the facilities to provide access to persons with disabilities.

4. To provide special devices to the medical college that will augment the learning experiences of persons with disabilities.

5. To monitor the implementation of all existing and future legislation and policies, which are pertaining to higher education of persons with disabilities.


The major functions the Enabling Unit (subject to financial assistance from UGC) will be as follows:

a. To provide counselling to students with disabilities at UCMS.

b. To ensure admission of as many students with disabilities as possible through the open quota and also through the reservation meant for them.

c. To gather orders dealing with fee concessions, examination procedures, reservation policies, etc., pertaining to persons with disabilities.

d. To assess the educational needs of persons with disabilities enrolled at UCMS to determine the types of assistive devices to be procured.

e. To conduct awareness programmes for teachers of the institute about the approaches to teaching, evaluation procedures, etc, which they should address in the case of students with disabilities.

f. To study the aptitude of students with disabilities and assist them in getting appropriate medical specialty when desired by them after their MBBS study.

g. To celebrate important days pertaining to disability such as the World Disabled Day, Thalassemia Day, etc., in the institute and also in the neighbourhood in order to create awareness about the capabilities of persons with disabilities.

h. To ensure maintenance of special assistive devices procured by the higher education institute under the HEPSN scheme and encourage persons with disabilities to use them for enriching their learning experiences.

i. To prepare annual reports with case histories of persons with disabilities who are benefited by the HEPSN scheme sanctioned to the higher education institute.


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