Acts and Guidelines 

Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (English)

RPWD ACT 2016.pdf RPWD ACT 2016.pdf
Size : 1162.518 Kb
Type : pdf
Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 Hindi)
RPDA (Hindi).pdf RPDA (Hindi).pdf
Size : 428.253 Kb
Type : pdf
Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules 2017 (Hindi)
RPwD Rules Hindi.pdf RPwD Rules Hindi.pdf
Size : 2034.479 Kb
Type : pdf
Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules 2017 (English)
RPwD Rules English.pdf RPwD Rules English.pdf
Size : 446.415 Kb
Type : pdf
Delhi Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2018 (Hindi & English)
Delhi.pdf Delhi.pdf
Size : 603.261 Kb
Type : pdf
Guidelines for evaluation & procedure for certification of various specified disabilities
Assessment.pdf Assessment.pdf
Size : 2655.765 Kb
Type : pdf
Re-inclusion of Psychiatrists as Medical Authority to assess Specidic Learning Disabilities (2020 Amendment)
SLD 2020.pdf SLD 2020.pdf
Size : 326.547 Kb
Type : pdf
Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Amendment) Rules, 2018 on High Support Needs (draft)
HSN.pdf HSN.pdf
Size : 1559.493 Kb
Type : pdf
MCI (May 2019) Guidelines regarding admission of students with “Specified Disabilities” under the RPDA, 2016 with respect to admission in MBBS Course
MCI May 2019.pdf MCI May 2019.pdf
Size : 473.091 Kb
Type : pdf
Disability Competencies for Health Professions Education 
Disability Competencies.pdf Disability Competencies.pdf
Size : 639.352 Kb
Type : pdf

World Report on Disability - WHO & World Bank, 2011 

WHOWB '11.pdf WHOWB '11.pdf
Size : 3420.192 Kb
Type : pdf

United Nation's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Size : 113.815 Kb
Type : pdf

Delhi University's Policy 

DU.pdf DU.pdf
Size : 90.483 Kb
Type : pdf

 Banning the use of the expression "handicapped"

पिंचा.pdf पिंचा.pdf
Size : 233.49 Kb
Type : pdf

  Revised DoPT order on Supreme Court 2013 order

Revised.pdf Revised.pdf
Size : 647.831 Kb
Type : pdf

 Supreme Court order reg. facilities for electors with disability

EC.pdf EC.pdf
Size : 1882.313 Kb
Type : pdf
Concession based ticketing including online ticketing for the physically challenged person using Photo Identity Card issued by Railways.
CC_18.pdf CC_18.pdf
Size : 257.91 Kb
Type : pdf

RTI Guide for Persons with Disabilities by Sakshi Trust 

RTI-Guide.pdf RTI-Guide.pdf
Size : 528.588 Kb
Type : pdf

Important Orders and Circulars 

Counsellor for students with disabilities at UCMS 

counsellor.pdf counsellor.pdf
Size : 421.93 Kb
Type : pdf

Extra consideration for attending classes

Leniency.jpg Leniency.jpg
Size : 1259.368 Kb
Type : jpg

Equality and Diversity Committee, UCMS 

EDC.jpg EDC.jpg
Size : 1608.838 Kb
Type : jpg

Examination duty exemption 

Exam Duty.pdf Exam Duty.pdf
Size : 79.956 Kb
Type : pdf

RTI information 

rti.pdf rti.pdf
Size : 8.588 Kb
Type : pdf

Handbook on Tax Concessions and Exemptions for PwD

Prepared in both English and Hindi by 'Cross the Hurdles' NGO 

Tax.pdf Tax.pdf
Size : 12160.392 Kb
Type : pdf
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